10 Unbelievable Resorts in Minnesota (USA)

Minnesota can’t be a tropical paradise with palm trees and white beaches. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t have enough great places to remain. Across all regions of the state, incredible resorts offer comfort and relaxation surrounded by natural beauty found only in Minnesota. These 13 Minnesota resorts are just a couple of dozen coastal and suburban destinations expecting you on your next vacation.

1. Thunderbird Lodge — International Falls

Thunderbird Lodge is one among the foremost beautiful and tranquil resorts in Minnesota on the southern shore of a rainy lake. Guests can stay during a hostel or in one among various private cabins. Either way, anyone who visits will have a cushty stay. Better of all, Rainy Lake has incredible fishing on 212,000 acres of waterways. Outdoor enthusiasts will love this incredible spa. Address: 2170 ROA County 2. International waterfall. Continue Reading

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