A Day Tour Trips from Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Unlike Antigua, Semuque-Champaign or Lake Atitlan, Rio Dulce and its surroundings are often overlooked by travelers who follow their guides verbatim. And since the guides hardly write a paragraph about Rio Dulce, one might think that he has nothing to supply. But we don’t agree! Yes, I admit that the town of Rio Dulce seems like a mini-New York in ecstasy with many trucks that cross it day and night, but as soon as you get out of the chaos of the town of Rio Dulce and head to its surroundings, you’ll be surprised from what you discover

We have seen beautiful places, like Rich Falls in Jamaica, Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala or Mayan Ruins in Mexico, but a number of the foremost magnificent and impressive things we’ve seen are a brief driving from the underrated city of Rio Dulce.

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