Luxury hotels in New Zealand’s North & South Islands

New Zealand is one among the foremost stunning countries within the world, offering iconic landscapes, natural wonders, vibrant culture, world-class cuisine, incredible wildlife and a thriving movie industry. Inspired by stunning scenery, New Zealand’s luxurious rooms are even as impressive and ode to their unique surroundings. You will find a good selection of luxurious rooms scattered across the North and South Islands, from magical tree houses towering above the forest canopy to luxurious campsites located in pristine shrubs. Luxurious suites and world-class cottages with stunning views of the mountains on the coast are located within the heart of bustling cities, historic sites, and stately mansions. Wayfarer only works with luxurious rooms that share our commitment to responsible travel, so once you occupy our favorite New Zealand hotels you’ll make certain that they strive to preserve their beautiful surroundings, and cultural heritage. It doesn’t, ‘t matter if you’re taking an opportunity from all this on a family vacation or a romantic honeymoon, continue an adventure family vacation or continue an unforgettable trip with friends, luxurious accommodation in New Zealand are going to be as memorable as unusual. Wonders  of the country. Continue Reading

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