Top 7 best luxury hotels in Germany

Germany is the seventh most visited country within the world consistent with the planet Tourism Organization. Annually Germany attracts tens of many visitors to cathedrals, rococo palaces, beer festivals, peaks and 42 magnificent heritage sites. UNESCO World and its main cities (including Berlin, Munich and Hamburg). With historical fairy tale castles, medieval villages and idyllic natural landscapes, it’s sometimes hard to believe that much of Germany was almost completely rebuilt after war II, although the past is extremely strong. Wherever you go. Few countries have had (and still have) such a robust impact on the earth as Germany, which is one among the most important economies within the world and residential to the Reformation, the press, the automotive industry and aspirin. Germany also gave us (UN) famous citizens like Einstein, Marx and, yes, Hitler, but also Goethe, Beethoven and therefore, the Grimm brothers. To assist you select from a powerful range of luxury hotels, I’ve compiled an inventory of the highest 10 hotels in Germany. Continue Reading

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